Update ETACs on Mitsubishi ASX

Steps to get into ETACS customization: Start Lexia Office, than select C-crosser – Lexia – Diagnosis – Test by function. Next, choose category. Depending of your selection, you will get ECUs list. You’re mostly interested in ETACS, for unknown reason called there “BSI”. So, select BSI – Configuration – Manual configuration Next, there will be […]

Installing MQ / libstdc++.so.5 pre-req on RHEL6

One of the pre-reqs that if needed by MQ7 (or more specifically gsk7bas) is that it needs – libstdc++.so.5. If you try and find this package its often not available. To install it run the following commands yum groupinstall “Compatibility libraries” yum install libstdc++.so.5 If you want to install MQ you will also need […]

Fitting LED DRLs – Guide

The Kit Below are a couple pictures of the kit. It was imported from a German Mitsubishi dealer. This is an official Mitsubishi product which comes with Mitsubishi branded instructions but I think it was commissioned by them. The lights are made by a company called NSV Automotive who produce a number of kits for […]

Another ASX Annoyance….No Decent Average MPG Meter

And the next annoying feature of the ASX has been found. On the trip computer there is no way to get the average MPG value of a journey that spans more than 1 day. By default the car gives a rolling average over the last 50km. Even if you set it to manual reset, it […]

Another ASX Annoyance….No Clock on the Dash

And the next annoying feature of the ASX has been found. The ASX comes with a full colour LCD trip computer in the center of the dash. Its used for many colourful graphics but its missing such a basic feature…A CLOCK On our Model – the ASX4 there is a clock on the Audio head […]

New Mitsubishi ASX-4

Today we picked up our New Mitsubishi ASX. Started with a trip to the Reading dealer (as Mitsubishi Southgate of Romsey who we initially ordered it from had gone bust). Thankfully got a lift from a friend at work to Southampton Airport Parkway. £36 later we had two tickets to Winnersh. Train journey there was […]